4 Replies to “Week 12- LA#1”

  1. Hi Deb,

    Your image looks great – but I can’t zoom in or make it larger so I can see all the text. Can you increase the size (or link to a larger version)? Thanks!

  2. I really resonated with the quote about mistakes—it’s such a powerful reminder of how essential growth is. Thanks for sharing it with me this term and for being an awesome group member. Your perspective and connection meant a lot to me. Here hoping we run into each other again!

  3. Thank you Hannah,
    I feel that as educators we need to make students feel safe enough to stretch outside their comfort zone and make mistakes now where they are supported. As an educator I feel strongly that this growth mindset is a resilience skill that is transferable to many aspects of life. I fondly refer to my students as ducklings because I want them to feel they have a safe base to learn from and to not be afraid to ask questions and learn from doing and sometimes that means making mistakes.
    I also value your input and perspective while working together and I hope that we do run into each other again. If you find yourself in the Shuswap this summer call me 🙂

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